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A Memorial Day message from John

NC House Rep John Blust speaks to Greensboro City Council on HB2 on April 5, 2016.

National Defense Political Action Committee (NDPAC) Endorsement

Endorsement of Mr. John M. Blust, Esq., Candidate for the United States House of Representatives (NC-13)

MAY 9, 2016 —NATIONAL DEFENSE PAC today announces with pride its endorsement of Mr. John M. Blust to represent North Carolina’s new 13th District in the United States Congress. Mr. Blust is an Army veteran, having joined immediately out of high school. While attending the University of North Carolina, he attended Army ROTC at North Carolina State University and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant upon graduation.

Read more here: NDPAC  Endorsement of Mr. John M. Blust, Esq., Candidate for the United States House of Representatives (NC-13)

NC Rep. John Blust to run for Congress in new 13th District

MARCH 4, 2016 — State Rnorth carolina electionsep. John Blust of Greensboro is the latest Republican to run for Congress in the newly redrawn 13th District.

The new district – drawn by the legislature last month in response to a federal court order – spans from Greensboro to Statesville and Lexington, and it won’t have an incumbent candidate: 13th District U.S. Rep. George Holding of Raleigh says he’ll instead run in the new 2nd District. He has no ties to the new version of his current district.

Read more here:

NC Rep. Blust concerned about Guilford College housing Syrian refugees

John on the Syrian refugee issue (video)

NOVEMBER 17, 2015 (GREENSBORO, N.C.) — The recent terror attacks in Paris have sparked debate about whether the United States should continue helping refugees from Syria.

Now, a state representative is asking the same question about the “Every Campus a Refuge” campaign at Guilford College.

Read more here:

Read more here:

Blust calls out House leaders on illegals licensing deal

Licenses for illegals: John stands strong in the legislature against driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. One of the opponents in this race was the key sponsor of this bill.

State Rep. John Blust gave a pretty eye-opening interview to our friends at The Rhino Times about an issue that has people fired up from Murphy to Manteo:

Rep. John Blust (R-Greensboro) said he thinks hearing the bill to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses in committee was part of a political deal.

Read more here:

NC legislature ends its work for the year (maybe)

Gas Tax: John stood as the lone “no” vote not to adjourn without capping the gas tax. He has continually been a voice in the legislature for tax reform – standing for the people even if he is the lone vote.

At the end of this week’s three-day “mini session,” the N.C. General Assembly adjourned for the remainder of 2011 on Tuesday, concluding a legislative year that saw a six-month regular session, followed by a series of more limited shorter sessions.

On Monday, the N.C. Senate took up proposed changes to the Racial Justice Act, which allows death-row inmates to use statistical data when contending racial bias in their trial

Read more here:

Keeping gun permits confidential

Defending the Second Amendment – John was recently a sponsor of HB17 – which prohibits media outlets from publicly disclosing CCW permit holders.

On March 26, the North Carolina House of Representatives passed House Bill 17 by a vote of a 97-20. The bill, introduced by Representative Justin Burr, seeks to make personal information associated with concealed carry handgun permits and handgun purchases confidential. Representative Bell was a primary co-sponsor the bill.

Read more here:

Greensboro council passes resolution opposing transgender law

GREENSBORO, N.C. — City council members voted eight to one Tuesday in favor of a resolution opposing House Bill 2.

HB2, or the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, is a new state law which says transgender individuals must use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificate.

Read more here:

Voter Photo ID measure passes House

Voter ID: Defending the rights of North Carolinians to have clean elections, free of fraud.

RALEIGH — Following nearly three years of debate, the state House Wednesday gave its approval to a bill requiring North Carolina voters to provide photo identification when they go to a polling place.

Five Democrats joined 76 Republicans in voting for the bill, as the House approved the bill by an 81-36 vote. It now goes to the Senate.

Read more here:

Greensboro adopts resolution opposing HB2

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The City of Greensboro council adopted an official resolution opposing house bill 2, also known as the bathroom bill, during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Council members approved a resolution opposing HB2 because it “removes local control over matters governing the welfare of residents.”

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